Sustainability Reporting




As of 2023, we started our sustainability efforts. The development we have made in this direction; We aim to share it with our management, employees, guests, suppliers and all other partners, and thus to increase the awareness we will create at this point and turn it into common goals and achievements.

This sustainability report includes data for the year range of January-December 2023.

2. Facility Introduction and Facility Features

Sehr-i Nuh Hotel is the first and only 5-star hotel opened in the city center of Sirnak. With its classical and modern architecture, it is a living space that consists of 172 hotel rooms where our guests will live in the most comfortable way, our eye-catching units serve together and integrates with our slogan.

In terms of location, to the south of our hotel, there is Mount Cudi, known as the mountain where Noah's ark ran aground, which is described as an important motif in world history. Although it is scientifically known where the Flood event, which has a history of 19800 years, ended, it is written in the works of many travelers and historians that Noah's Ark stopped on Mount Cudi. The fact that the Tomb of Noah is in Cizre, the walls of Cizre are in the shape of a ship, and the information in Guti, Babylonian, Assyrian inscriptions and reliefs indicate that the Flood was punctuated in Cudi. In addition, verse 44 of Surah Hud of our holy book, the Holy Qur'an, clearly states that the Flood-Noah's Ark stopped on Mount Judi. In this respect, the province of Sirnak is the place where humanity was born for the second time.

Sehr-i Nuh Hotel, which was brought to Sirnak by Mr. Mehmet Emin ACAR, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Acar Group, was put into service in August 2011. We will be honored to welcome you in a five-star living space with its cozy, comfortable, safe apart and hotel rooms, café, restaurants, conference hall, ballroom, men's and women's spa, sports and living complexes and many units.


To become a reliable brand at home and abroad. To maintain healthy growth and development in the sector we are in. To provide healthy service to our guests in alternative tourism. Diversification in integrity is the advanced goal of our hotel.


To provide the highest level of service to our guests that will make them feel special by respecting the environment and social values. To provide services by continuously improving and following innovations.


Openness and Transparency, Professionalism, Reliability, Fairness, Efficiency, Teamwork, Love and Respect, Environmental Awareness, Animal Friendly.





This policy sets out our company's commitments in the fields of sustainable tourism, quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and food safety. Our aim is to increase customer satisfaction, reduce environmental impacts, fulfill occupational health and safety standards and ensure food safety.

Our commitments;

Sustainable Tourism Management Standard (ISO 21401):

  1. To manage our tourism activities in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.
  2. To protect local culture and natural resources.
  3. Improving the experience of tourists.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard:

  1. To maximize customer satisfaction.
  2. To promote continuous improvement.
  3. To achieve quality goals.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Standard:

  1. Reducing environmental impacts.
  2. Managing waste and improving energy efficiency.
  3. To ensure compliance with legal requirements.

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard:

  1. To prevent work accidents and occupational diseases.
  2. To spread the culture of occupational health and safety.
  3. Managing risks.

ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management Standard:

  1. Ensuring food safety.
  2. To implement hygiene and quality standards.
  3. Managing food safety risks.


Business Management

This policy is a commitment that all our employees and business partners must comply with. We will provide the resources needed by management to support continuous improvement and ensure compliance with these standards.


General Manager




3.Sustainability Team

(Information of the units and authorities working on sustainability in the accommodation facility can be given)



  1. We go in accordance with international labor standards, and our working hours are 8 hours in total, including breaks, and work exceeding 45 hours per week is recorded as overtime.
  2. Our wage levels increase every year according to the rate of the minimum wage, and we do not have employees below the minimum wage.
  3. The trainings entered by all personnel are recorded with participant forms.
  4. Employees are recruited on the same day, and their premiums are paid on time and in full. They can benefit from their insurance in case of illness.
  5. There are showers, changing rooms and washbasins specially designed for our staff on site. The cleanliness of these areas is monitored on an hourly basis.
  6. Employee satisfaction surveys are conducted for employee satisfaction.
  7. The employee proceeds with the think-suggest method as a complaint mechanism.
  8. An open-door policy is followed
  9. Personnel have certificates and qualifications related to their fields.
  10. The trainings required by the fields in which the personnel work are taken by the institution.
  11. On-the-job training is given to the personnel by the department managers after they start work, and these trainings are recorded and forwarded to the Human Resources Department. In addition, the course records he has seen outside or the records of the courses he has seen within the company are also kept in the Human Resources Department.
  12. All documents deemed necessary for the personnel are included in the personnel files.
  13. All operating activities of the facility continue to operate in accordance with the criteria and laws of the municipality and the Ministry of Tourism.
  14. Support is received from ISG company.
  15. The procurement policy favors reusable, recyclable goods.
  16. It avoids purchases of disposable materials by making bulk purchases.
  17. The wastewater of the facility is channeled to the municipal wastewater system.
  18. Water consumption is constantly monitored and monitored.
  19. A solid waste management plan is available. The daily amount of solid waste is measured and monitored. Food, paper, plastic, batteries, etc. are stored separately and evaluated. Solid waste and food are regularly delivered to animal shelters. Waste batteries are separated and given to the relevant institution. Other plastic and paper wastes are delivered to Elazig municipality officials. Separate recycling bins are used in all offices and public spaces. Unused beds/box springs and other furniture items are donated to charity.
  20. Since our facility is facing the bus stop, it can reach all touristic places with a single public transportation. Guests are directed to public transportation.
  21. Aerators are used for saving purposes in faucets.
  22. Photocell luminaires are used in general spaces.
  23. Water is supplied from local sources from outside and purified and used in the system.
  24. Garden watering is done with a sprinkler. (30 minutes with timer set at 06:00 and 22:00 in the morning)
  25. All energy used is monitored and managed. The amount of energy used per room is calculated and tracked. To minimize the quantities used: There is an energy saving system in the rooms. Photocell devices are used in all necessary areas. In addition, the bulbs used are the ones that consume the least energy but provide stronger lighting
  26. Energy is saved by using a timer for outdoor lighting.
  27. There is a double glazing system to prevent heat loss.
  28. In all device purchases, quality and least energy-consuming goods are purchased.
  29. The comments of all our guests staying in our facility or receiving service from outlets are extremely valuable for their experiences. This issue is approached sensitively. All data is evaluated, problem points are shared with the relevant department managers and action is taken.
  30. A program called sispar was specially purchased on the subject and monitored on a daily basis. Guests are answered as soon as possible.
  31. QR code images have been shared in our rooms and general areas and guest experiences are monitored.
  32. All data is recorded and stored digitally.
  33. Our facility has been built in a way that meets all needs, planned down to the smallest detail and horizontal architecture. There are disabled washrooms in public areas if needed. We have a specially designed handicapped room for our guests who want to stay.
  34. Internal reports are made in pdf format, not using paper
  35. Distribution of night reports as pdf instead of paper
  36. Execution of the operation by making internal correspondence as outlook
  37. Worn sheets and towels are used as cleaning cloths by the Housekeeping department employees in the hotel
  38. It is our preference not to print the documents on paper unless it is necessary.
  39. Presence of a time control panel in the sauna
  40. Use of toilet paper and/or office paper from environmentally friendly type papers, • Use of systems such as electronic correspondence, bill, invoice, portal plus, etc., which will minimize paper consumption in the administrative affairs of the facility
  41. Not using disposable materials (shampoo, soap, shower cap, glasses, plates, cutlery, etc.) in general showers and toilets, common areas,
  42. Not using disposable materials (shampoo, soap, shower cap, glasses, plates, cutlery, etc.) in general showers and toilets, common areas,
  43. Use of an automatic dosing system in swimming pools that uses a minimum amount of disinfectant for proper hygienic results
  44. 19 Lt water systems are used in all personnel general areas
  45. All energy expense reports are reported on a daily / monthly basis (Water, Electricity, Natural Gas) and evaluated.



The fact that our hotel is very centrally located allows some of our employees to reach the workplace on foot. It is preferred in recruitment. This is an advantage in terms of reducing the damage to personal health and nature. Employees residing in the same place prefer to travel together, even if they come by private vehicle.


We have personnel who provide transportation by bicycle from our employees. Our facility uses its outdoor parking lot for this service. The fact that our hotel is in a very central location and passes close to all transportation vehicles makes it logical for employees to use public transportation (Personnel Service, Bus, Dolmus and Taxi). The number of people who come to work with their private vehicles is very low.



It is planned to install solar panels for electricity generation in order to benefit from sunlight on the rooftop of the facility.

Annual Energy Consumption: 810.241 kWh

Renewable Energy Production: 362,385 kWh


With the preference to purchase local food, it contributes to the energy and fuel savings spent until it reaches the end consumer.


The purchasing department buys the electronic products to be purchased only in proportion to its needs.

  1. • In order to prevent waste in food purchases, it takes precautions against the risk of spoilage, decay and disposal by making enough purchases.
  2. • It separates paper, glass and plastic wastes on-site and supports recycling and reuse.
  3. • Attaches importance to garden landscaping and protects the green.
  4. • Prefers natural cleaning products.
  5. •All electronic products continue to be used until they break down.
  6. • Unnecessary and unnecessary purchases are not made.
  7. • Takes care to turn off unused lights and behaves sensitively
  8. • Black out curtains are used in the rooms to keep the hot/cold air.
  9. •Bulk purchases are made in purchases.
  10. • There is a revolving door to prevent heat loss.
  11. •Increasing the QR system and reducing paper consumption
  12. • Displaying all menus as QR
  13. •Digital viewing of Guest Directories
  14. • Digital display of the list of TV channels


Energy savings have been achieved with a naturally lit (glass) breakfast room, lobby seating area, VIP lounge and administrative offices.

480 trees were planted and afforestation was carried out. All of the trees are endemic trees.



Our world is experiencing a rapid change process with developing technologies, and as a result, natural resources are rapidly depleting. We, who are aware of this situation individually and institutionally, show the necessary dedication to the effective use of resources, respect for nature and protecting social values. Some of the work we have done for this purpose are listed below.


Waste management includes the activities of reducing the waste at its source, reusing it, separating it according to its characteristics and type, temporary storage, recycling, recovery, disposal, monitoring, control and inspection after disposal.

As Hotel, we primarily aim to reduce waste at its source. We manage our wastes by observing the principle of least harm to the environment. For this purpose, we request support from our guests and employees.

With the waste separation units located at various points of our facility, we enable our guests and employees to separate the wastes at the source.



The office employees of our hotel have the opportunity to perform many activities electronically by using the personal computers and local network allocated to them.

Contain. Except for works that require signatures, studies and correspondence are carried out electronically. Suitable printers and as much as possible, paper is used on both sides. Any malfunction seen in the hotel is reported to the relevant department electronically. In offices, paper is not thrown into the trash, but in the recycling bin. All printers have been replaced to reduce paper and cartridge consumption.



We ensure the management of vegetable waste oils from their formation to disposal without harming the environment and human health. For this purpose, there are 2 oil traps in our hotel and the vegetable waste oils and pulps generated as a result of production are recycled through the awareness raising activities of our employees.

In 2023, a total of 540 kg of vegetable waste oil was delivered to the licensed company for the production of biodiesel.By January 2024, a total of 50 kg was delivered.



As much as possible, the amount of packaging waste has been reduced by preferring industrial products instead of disposable packaged products. Purchases from local and nearby companies are our priority. In the rooms, disposable soap, shower gel, shampoo, etc. 0.50-0.75 ml containers were preferred instead of pressed containers, glass cups were preferred instead of glasses. Glass cups are used in restaurants and cafes.


Waste Types (KG)

YEAR 2023

Paper agile


Plastic waste


Glass waste


Metal Waste


Waste Electronic Goods




Total guests staying per month*number of overnight stays


Amount of waste generated per guest/night (kgWaste/Guest.Night)






We support bicycle transportation to support healthy living and reduce environmental pollution. We offer closed/secure parking support to our employees.



It is a system that includes training, survey, measurement, monitoring, planning and implementation activities carried out to ensure the efficient use of energy resources and energy.

In energy management, we manage the process with the support of our guests and employees.

During the production, transportation and use of the products and/or services to be purchased, purchasing preferences are made by considering the impact on the sustainability of natural resources. The energy label information on the equipment to be purchased is taken into account. By prioritizing the purchase of products with low energy and water consumption during production, carbon emissions from purchasing are minimized.


There are 742 solar panels in our facility. Some of the hot water needs are provided by these panels. In this way, natural gas consumption is saved. Air conditioning and lighting have a large share in the electrical energy consumption of hotel enterprises. For this reason, the lighting and air conditioning systems of our facility have been renewed and energy efficient during the renovation periods.

replaced by what happened.

A time clock is used for outdoor lighting. Lighting times are adjusted according to summer and winter hours. Electricity consumption is reduced thanks to the frequency inverters in the heating system pumps, booster pumps and main air handling units. Double glazing is preferred for thermal insulation in the windows used in rooms and general areas.


It is aimed to reduce electricity consumption by using economical lighting elements in the areas of our facility. It is aimed to prevent unnecessary water and electricity consumption by using photocells in public spaces. Card system is used in the rooms. Preventive and preventive maintenance of cold rooms and all devices is carried out on time.


It is aimed to reduce electricity consumption by using economical lighting elements in all areas of our facility. The televisions and minibars used in the rooms of our hotels have low energy consumption. The mini bars in the guest rooms are positioned in such a way that they do not receive direct sunlight in order to prevent heating.


Energy consumption is meticulously monitored and areas for savings are identified in order to achieve overall reductions that continue every year and reduce the associated carbon emissions. We continue to strengthen our teams with technology that facilitates mitigation without sacrificing the guest experience, and technical services to identify the latest innovations in renewable energy systems. We constantly analyze energy savings through maintenance, surveillance and monitoring, and we plan our new investment projects by focusing on energy production and reducing the damage we cause to the environment with the choice of renewable energy sources.


Average energy consumption per stay per year:

Electricity Electrical energy used per guest/night: 21.9 (KWH/Guest.Night)

Natural Gas Natural gas energy used per guest/night: 3 (m3/Guest.Night):

Diesel Consumption per Guest/Night: 17.9 (Liter/Guest.Night):



We are aware of the value of water resources. Every year, we continue to strive to reduce consumption overall. All water sources are disposed of correctly, in accordance with local legislation, without adverse impact on local environments or populations. In our hotel;

? Landscape plants that consume as little water as possible are preferred.

? In the trainings given to the employees, the importance of protecting water resources and what to do to pay attention to consumption are explained and contributed to raising awareness.

? We put articles on washing sheets and bed linen in the rooms for guests.

Average water consumption per guest/night per year: 1.09 (m3/guest.night)



All feedback and satisfaction rates of our guests are monitored daily and feedback is provided as soon as possible. These notifications are extremely important in terms of determining the positive/negative situation of our facility.

Customer satisfaction target: 90%.

Realized Goal: avg. % 81

Customer Satisfaction Survey: 85%

Google: 84% Tripadvisor: 80%

Foursquare: 77% Hotel: 69%

Hotels: %78 SETURBIZ: %95



5.Personnel and Working Life

We are aware that the employee factor is of critical importance in ensuring the quality of tourism. The value given to the employee is directly proportional to the success of the enterprises. As Sehri Nuh Hotel, we act with the awareness that we are valuable with our employees and we add value to our stakeholders with the principle of «Happy Employee Happy Guest». Starting from the environment we offer to our employees, it is one of our main goals to ensure continuous improvement in the social and fringe benefits, rewards, training and career management, and employee safety that we provide to them. In this direction, we see our employees not as resources, but as assets. Our employees were trained on on-the-job orientation, OHS, environment, zero waste and sustainable tourism.

In line with our Human Assets policy; It defines the principle of 'equal opportunity' to provide equality and equal treatment to all its employees, regardless of gender, religion, language, age, belief, sect, ethnicity, race, physical disability and nationality, without being hindered by artificial obstacles, prejudices and preferences. All of our employees are employed locally.

Female Male


31.48% 68.52 %

Domestic employment: 100%

Employee satisfaction rate: 90 %


6.Social Studies

  1. Gifts were given to healthcare workers during the pandemic period
  2. During the pandemic period, laundry (sheets, duvet covers) washing support was provided to health institutions.
  3. During the pandemic period, consumables were provided to the quarantine places of institutions such as hospitals and universities
  4. Every year, regular donations are made to certain parent-teacher associations in the city center
  5. After the earthquake, earthquake victims were provided with free accommodation and food for 1 month.
  6. Immediately after the February 6 earthquake, all construction equipment of the company was sent to the earthquake zone for search, rescue and debris removal operations.
  7. 5 trucks of food and consumables were sent to the earthquake zone.
  8. On special days (disabled people's day, women's day, etc.) Discounts are applied for accommodation and the use of conference and meeting rooms.
  9. Disabled personnel are employed.
  10. Afforestation has been done in the areas around our hotel.
  11. Special discounts are applied for organizations such as weddings and engagements of the personnel.


7.Cultural Studies

  1. A visual (video) study for the cultural and local promotion of Sirnak was published on the web site (
  2. Support video for health workers in the period of anemia p
  3. whirling dervishes show;
  4. Miniatures and paintings of cultural assets are exhibited in the hotel lobby.
  5. Doors and furniture suitable for the local motif were used.
  6. During Ramadan, kitchen service personnel serve with local clothes.
  7. Turkish coffee is sold.
  8. Turkish bath service is offered to customers.
  9. We are hosting celebrations on the blessed birthday week
  10. A department has been built for the sale of local products and promotion is being made. Ex. Honey, local clothes
  11. We allocate the meeting room of our hotel to non-governmental organizations free of charge in case of availability.
  12. Cultural and local products are used by creating areas in the lobby for cultural promotion.
  13. The halls and meeting rooms were given historical names found in the region. E.g. Al Jaziri, Cudi, etc.
  14. We host symposiums, workshops and meetings for the promotion of the region. Ex. Symposium of Bayt al-Shabab and Mullah Hussein Betavi,