Sustainability and Our Accessible Opportunities

The hotel always provides its service with the same superior quality. We are at the service of our guests with our indispensable accessibility and sustainability rules in order to deliver our understanding of "Traditional Hotel Hospitality" to all segments of society without interruption...

Our Accessible Facilities for Our Visually Impaired Guests

  1. Guideways at our hotel entrances and reception area
  2. There are call buttons in disabled rooms. Braille alphabet is available on the elevator inside/outside direction buttons.
  3. Voice notification is available in the elevator. Audio and visual emergency warning systems are available in our disabled rooms.

Our Accessible Facilities for Our Hearing Impaired Guests

  1. Warning lights that flash when the door is knocked in our disabled rooms
  2. Audio and visual emergency warning systems in our disabled rooms

Our Accessible Facilities for Our Physically Disabled Guests

  1. We have disabled ramps at the hotel entrance and inside the hotel.
  2. Door openings at elevator entrances must be suitable for wheelchairs to pass through.
  3. There are disabled support areas in the bathrooms and toilets of the disabled rooms.
  4. General technical equipment for our physically disabled guests in our disabled rooms
  5. Water on/off heads that can be operated with a closed fist in our disabled bathrooms
  6. Positioning the thermostat, air conditioner and lighting buttons so that our disabled guests can easily reach them.
  7. There are lowered peepholes on the entrance doors of our rooms.