Sehr-i Nuh hotels Sirnak carries the first and only 5-Star hotel property in the city center. With classic and modern architecture, yaşayacaklarıapart our guests the most comfortable way, consisting of 172 hotel rooms will accommodate eye-catching unit serving our province together and integrated with our motto UnUdUr living space.

The location of our hotel to the south which is considered as an important motif in world history Hz. Known as the mountain where Noah's ship ran aground has Cudi. Although the 19 800-year history is punctuated by scientifically known where flood events together, Cudi of many travelers and historians building Noah's Ark in the mountains on which are written. Cizred to consist of hz.nuh tomb, in the form of Cizre vessel walls, Guti, Babylonian, Assyrian inscriptions and reliefs suggest that the information in the flood Cudia in stippling. Also 44.ayet of our Holy Book Quran's Surah Hud clearly reveals that Noah's Flood-ship stopped at the Mount Cudi. This is where the care of the province of Sirnak humanity was born for the second time.

Is a combination of culture and faith tourism in our province of Sirnak, Acer Group Chairman Mr. Mehmet Emin ACR conferred by Sehr-i Nuh hotel was opened in August 2011. We just relaxed prepared considering the needs of you, comfortable, safe with apartments and hotel rooms, Caffeine, the Restaurant, Conference Room, Ballroom, Mr. and Mrs. Spa, Sports and Wellness Complex and will be honored to welcome you at the five-star living spaces with multiple units.